Several of my extended cousins are in the process of planning a family reunion. The reunion is going to be for multiple generations and will involve over 550 people. Las Vegas was chosen as the sight for this large gathering for several reasons. The main reason is that it is centrally located to the majority of the family members. Another is that there are so many accommodations to choose from in a wide range of prices. Due to the amount of coordinating this event is going to take I volunteered to help with the planning. We decided that the best way to approach planning this event is to divide up the tasks. I was given the task of listing sites for Las Vegas camping. We decided to add this option because several family members have recreational vehicles and this would provide them an opportunity to camp to and from the actual reunion. Also there are a number of cousins that are bringing several children and this is a more affordable option.

lasvegasWhen I was first asked to look into this I assumed that the Las Vegas camping sites would be miles away from any of the major attractions. I personally thought that this option would not work do to transportation coordination. I was wrong. Several of the large hotels and casinos have RV Parks attached to them. When I looked up Las Vegas camping sites I found that several of them offered very nice accommodations that were very reasonable for families. During the course of helping with the arrangements I spoke to a distant cousin and found that he has been involved with Las Vegas camping for several seasons. The site they stay at has a pool area that is separate from the hotel and they are located one block off of the strip. I was very surprised by this because I have been to Vegas several times and I am very familiar with the strip, yet I have never noticed the RV parks. One of the largest Las Vegas camping areas is located across the street from the hotel I stayed at several times and I never knew it was there.My sisters and I love to gamble so we thought the idea of Las Vegas camping was very strange especially when there are so many hotels to stay in a wide range of prices. But as we started hearing from different relatives that were coming to the reunion several of them remarked that they decided to come because they enjoy Las Vegas camping. They were glad we thought to include this option not only for the cost factor but for those family members that wanted to avoid the casinos. Avoiding the casinos was a foreign though to me, however I guess not everyone shares my love of the slot machines.

The plans for the reunion are basically in place. We are spread through a large area in a variety of accommodations, yet with the mass transit and taxi cabs we should not have any problems getting people to the events that we have planned. Our last count was at 552 people. Several more have decided to come because of adding Las Vegas camping to the options.

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