I can’t wait to hit the trails and climb the mountains! I mean I like to go all out and scale those fierce rock walls with just some chalk on my hands and no safety cables whatsoever. Okay, you caught me; I’m lying. Hey, this isn’t “Cliffhanger” you know. Anyway, I really do like to hit that wilderness scene for a fun weekend of camping, hiking and lounging by the fire ring. There’s just something relaxing about crickets chirping at night and the bright moon washing over my face. Not a car in sight for miles; no chaos of crowds and pitter-patter of marching feet. Yes sir, that visit with Mother Nature is often much needed. So, have you taken any good camping adventures lately? One thing you’ll need to make sure is up to speed is your outdoor camping equipment. Do you have all the necessities for a fun and eventful weekend away from home?

I know where to search for the best outdoor camping equipment. It’s rather simple really. All I have to do is kick back on my living room sofa and pop open my Mac Ibook G4. Suddenly I’m in cyberspace. With the aid of my Google search engine I can literally hit up all the best stores. When I say best stores I’m talking about the coolest websites that offer the absolute lowest prices to date on outdoor camping equipment. You don’t know how to make sure you’re finding the best deals? No problem! Pop open a little website called Bizrate.com and it will provide you with a list of sites that compete with a wide range of products and prices. This way you can be certain you’re not getting shafted on all the new outdoor camping equipment. Last summer I was in search of a contemporary family tent. Now, my first plan was to hit up the local R.E.I. They tend to have all the finest outdoor camping equipment you can imagine. While I did spot a tent that caught my attention, I wasn’t sure that the price was the lowest. In fact I was pretty darn certain it wasn’t. This prompted me to get online and browse the Internet superhighway for a list of competitors that offer an array of outdoor camping equipment. I was determined to not get shafted. After a little shopping around, I was able to find the tent for nearly 30 percent less. Now that’s discount outdoor camping equipment. That extra effort was well worth the low cost.