Winter camping can be a challenging but rewarding adventure for the brave at heart. How you prepare for the winter getaway can make the difference between a wonderful experience and an uncomfortable memory. There are two main areas that need to be addressed. Choosing the right clothing and the right shelter can help you on your way to a great weekend of winter camping.


Not everyone knows that there is a certain method of layering the clothes to maximize the effectiveness of the strategy when going winter camping. Begin with a bottom layer against your skin. This is usually long johns or something similar. The next layer is for insulation and usually consists of fleece. The outer layer should be waterproof and windproof to insure that you will be protected from the elements.

Avoid wearing cotton on your winter camping getaway. Cotton loses its insulating qualities very easily. When cotton gets wet, it gets cold. When it gets wet and cold so do you. The fabric takes a relatively long time to dry out as well. This is not the ideal material for outings in the frigid temperatures. Stick with fleece and wool on your winter camping trip for maximum warmth that lasts.

Your shoes are also a very important aspect of your winter camping outfit. Make sure that you choose waterproof boots or shoes. Most prefer plastic or leather treated with oil instead of regular leather or those that have Gore-tex linings. These shoes and boots may absorb water. That water will freeze in the cold temperatures leaving your feet cold and wet. This is a bad combination on your winter camping trip.

The other aspect that requires attention is your shelter. Some like to use three season tents but these may not hold up to cold temperatures. They are well-ventilated and winds can easily penetrate the fabric. You can opt for the three season tent if you are planning winter camping trip during a mild season.

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