Camping during the off-season is enjoyable, but it can be dangerous if you’re not prepared to strike the winter trails. Protection from the elements is essential if you’re going out, and knowing how to dress can be a life saver. In other words, dress for winter camping so it’ll be a life time of memories for you in the future.

wintercampingClothing is the most valuable asset to ward off the cold. Make sure when you go out to dress in 3 layers of clothing during winter camping. The more layers you have on you’ll stay warmer than with just a bulky layer of clothes. Cold has a hard time getting through if you’ve got on insulated material against your skin. Next, dress with a warm fleece, and then insulate yourself again with water proof gear when winter camping.Don’t forget too that you’ll need to keep your feet extra warm by wearing solid quality boots. Preferably, boots that are well oiled and superior leather is the best. Consider your socks too. A couple of layers are okay, but don’t over sock yourself. If you do your feet will begin to swell and sweet creating moisture inside, and the feet will get cold. Never cinch your laces to tight either when winter camping because blood flow will be cut off, and your feet will get cold too.Remember when your mom told you to cover your head when going out to play? Well, it’s the same thing when winter camping. Toboggans are crucial, so make sure to carry an extra one just in case it gets wet. It might be hard to believe, but heat loss through your head is massive. Studies have shown that almost 90-95% of heat loss in your body happens when you don’t have on a head covering. Stuck out in the woods while winter camping is not place to find out this medical fact.

The type of clothing that you pick for your excursion should be noted. Don’t ever choose clothing with cotton in it. Cotton won’t insulate you from the cold especially if it gets wet from an accident, or even from your own body sweat. Modern materials made of synthetic fibers is actually the best choice when you’re out winter camping. If you happen to take along kids or the elderly always prepare extra clothing during your trip.

Spending time outdoors with family and friends needs to be enjoyable, but never assume that accidents won’t happen. Always do as the Boy Scouts of America intone, be prepared. In fact when you’re out winter camping be doubled prepared. Don’t forget to stop though, and appreciate the unforgettable moments together during your winter camping trip. You’ll be able to look back and know it was a winter wonderland of beauty and fun.

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