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For variation, you can add just about anything that you feel would taste good with this ... mushrooms, hot peppers, black olives, different kinds of cheeses, cut-up chicken, shrimp, etc...


  • 1/2 lb Pre-Cooked Ground Beef
  • 1/2 lb Pre-Cooked Ground Pork Sausage
  • 12-16 oz Hot Or Mild Chunky Salsa
  • 1 pkg Shredded CoJack Cheese
  • 1 pkg Flour Taco Shells
  • 1 pkg Aluminum Foil
  • 1 can Non-Stick Cooking Spray


  1. Cut foil into squares big enough to roll 1 mexi-roll.
  2. Place 1 foil square dull side up and spray it with the non-stick cooking spray.
  3. Lay 1 flour taco shell on a plate.
  4. Put some beef, sausage, salsa, and cheese in on the flour taco shell.
  5. Roll the flour taco shell into a tube.
  6. Fold the 2 ends and place the shell with the seam and folds side down.
  7. Roll the foil around the shell and seal.
  8. Place it on hot coals for no more than 3-4 mins. per side (times will vary depending on how hot your coals are).
  9. Be careful when eating as the cheese will be very hot.
  10. Serve with a side of sour cream or ranch dressing.

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